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As an elite group of real estate professionals, The Shaffer Team stands out as one of the most productive and esteemed teams in Central Ohio. For us, real estate is more than transactions; it's about fostering enduring connections through unparalleled service. Committed to optimizing the home buying and selling journey, we've built our team on a vision of excellence, and we're proud to say we've reached that pinnacle.

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Don Shaffer and The Shaffer Team

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Our Founder

Growing up in Central Ohio, my entrepreneurial spirit burned bright. Initially embarking on my real estate journey as a solo agent, I soon recognized the power of collaboration.

Establishing The Shaffer Team, my aim was clear: to foster a team driven not just by commissions, but by a genuine desire to assist clients. Moreover, I sought to provide a platform for budding agents, nurturing their potential in the realm of real estate.

Each member of our team brings a unique blend of skills and personalities, culminating in an unparalleled dedication to our clients. I am committed to cultivating a culture that inspires, educates, and empowers every individual within The Shaffer Team.

My mantra, both personally and professionally, is simple: strive to make each agent 1% better every single day.

- Don Shaffer

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Top-Notch Training

We provide training with industry leaders. Our mentorship program offers the opportunity to work directly with our most seasoned agents, gaining insights from their extensive experience. Furthermore, being part of Howard Hanna grants you access to their comprehensive training resources.

Exceptional Support

At The Shaffer Team, you'll never be left to navigate alone! Our outstanding team of transaction and marketing coordinators demonstrates unwavering attention to detail, efficiently managing multiple projects while meeting your desired deadlines. With our transaction team overseeing contracts to closure and a marketing coordinator crafting marketing materials and scripts, you'll have the freedom to focus on closing more deals!

Team-Generated Leads

Put an end to lead generation worries once and for all! Our arsenal of lead sources is diverse and abundant, ensuring you never run dry. With access to our extensive database of nearly 20,000 leads and incoming streams from platforms like Boomtown, Dakno, Google, and Facebook, we excel in lead generation.

Personal Branding

When you become part of The Shaffer Team, your branding and marketing needs are fully taken care of! We supply you with a personal website, signage, lockboxes, business cards, and all essentials for personal branding. Additionally, you gain access to premier CRMs, tailored drip campaigns, monthly client newsletters, abundant client resources, and a wealth of other valuable tools and support.

Community Culture

We're firm believers in the principle that wealth is constructed brick by brick, one house at a time. Our agents embody our core values: "Clients before Commissions," "Own it," "Opportunities not Obstacles," and "Abundance Mindset." Real estate isn't merely a transaction for us; it's a conduit for serving our community, fostering prosperity, and fulfilling dreams. Let us transform your aspirations into reality!

Don't just take our word for it. See what our agents are saying.

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“I joined the team because to be my best I wanted to learn from one of the best. I enjoy being on a team with different experience levels, areas of expertise, and points of view. No matter what pops up there’s always someone who has navigated something similar before and they can offer feedback about what worked and what didn't.”

Nicole Teague

Nicole Teague

1 star 1 star 1 star 1 star 1 star

“Being a part of The Shaffer Team is more than just a job; it's a privilege and an honor. I am grateful every day to be surrounded by such incredible teammates who inspire me to be the best version of myself. Thank you for creating a work environment where collaboration, support, and integrity thrive. I look forward to continuing this journey together and achieving even greater success in the future.”

Rebecca Phillips

Rebecca Phillips

1 star 1 star 1 star 1 star 1 star

“My name is Mike Nunamaker and I joined the Shaffer Team 13 years ago. In an industry where agents change brokerages more often than they do their underwear. I found a home here. Don knows how to get the most out of his agents. He takes your success personally. Yes, other brokerages and teams have CRMs and leads. But you will not find a team lead that has your back more and is willing to show you how to grow your real estate business.”

Mike Nunamaker

Mike Nunamaker

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